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Family cars are no longer something to dread buying. Nowadays, there are many models that are spacious, safe, and fun to drive.

College Ford Lincoln is here to help the greater Lethbridge area find a car that matches their needs and wants. If you want to buy a car your whole family will enjoy being in, our team can help you sort through all the available options.

Search Prep

Before you start searching through an endless list of makes and models, take some time to make a list of things you need and things that you want. A few things to consider are:

    • How many people are or will be in your family?

    • Will it be a family-only vehicle or will it be used for work?

    • Will you need to haul camping, sports, or other recreational gear?

    • Do you prefer a hybrid or a conventional vehicle?

    • How important are driver-assist features?

    • How important are a high-quality sound system and other tech options?

As you think about how the vehicle will be used, you can start narrowing down the options out there.

Another big thing to consider is what style of car you want. While sedans and trucks can work as a family car, they are not the safest or most spacious. Instead, consider focusing on:

    • Crossover

    • SUV

    • Van

Once you have a more solid idea of what will be best for your family, you can look at specific models. Depending on what your budget is, it is better to start searching on the low end so that you do not fall in love with something you cannot afford.

Family-Friendly Vehicles

Your budget, personal preferences, and lifestyle are factors in which makes and models you consider. Great Lincoln and Ford vehicles to check out are:

    • 2021 Lincoln Corsair

      • Base MSRP: $45,000

      • Gas Mileage L/100 km: 11.1 City and 8.1 Highway

      • Max Seating Capacity: 5

      • 360-Degree Camera

      • Considerate Prompts (low gas, tire air, roadside assistance)

      • Head-Up Display

      • Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Driver-Assist Features

      • Personal Driving Profiles

      • Power Liftgate

      • SYNC 3

    • 2021 Lincoln Aviator

      • Base MSRP: $ 69,500

      • Gas Mileage L/100 km: 13.7 City and 9.7 Highway

      • Max Seating Capacity: 7

      • Head-Up Display

      • Light Touch Handle

      • Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Driver-Assist Features

      • PowerFold Third-Row Seats

      • SYNC 3

    • 2020 Lincoln Navigator

      • Base MSRP: $92,500

      • Gas Mileage L/100 km: 15 City and 11.5 Highway

      • Max Seating Capacity: 8

      • 360-Degree Camera

      • Best-In-Class Second-Row Legroom

      • Head-Up Display

      • One-Touch Tilt-and-Slide Second-Row Seats

      • Personal Profiles

      • Power-Reclining and PowerFold Third Row

      • SYNC 3

    • 2020 Ford Edge

      • Base MSRP: $31,799

      • Gas Mileage L/100 km: 11.4 City and 8.3 Highway

      • Max Seating Capacity: 5

      • Ford Co-Pilot360

      • SYNC 3

    • 2021 Ford Expedition

      • Base MSRP: $62,710

      • Gas Mileage L/100 km: 14.1 City and 10.6 Highway

      • Max Seating Capacity: 8

      • Ford Co-Pilot360

      • Panoramic Vista Roof

      • Power-Reclining Third-Row Seats

      • Tip-and-Slide Second-Row Seats

With different trim models and available features, you can make sure the car that works best for your family is also one you love to drive.

Once you have narrowed down your selection to three or four vehicles, give them all a test drive. Although a car looks great on paper, you may find that once you get behind the wheel, it just does not work out.

As you test drive the options, ask the sales rep to explain all the driver-assist and technology features. Once you get your new car home, family life can get in the way of figuring out all the ins and outs of how the vehicle’s options work.

During the test drive, things to think about are:

    • Seat Comfort

    • Blind Spots

    • Access to Console Controls

    • Handling

If things do not feel quite right during a test drive, chances are they will get more irritating over time. As a family vehicle, other things to consider are:

    • How easy is it to put in a car seat?

    • How well can you monitor children from the front seat?

    • Are there enough storage compartments for snacks, tissues, and other childcare items?

Financing a Family Vehicle

While purchasing a new car may be the dream, it may not be a financial reality. Alternatives to buying new are buying certified pre-owned or leasing.

Certified pre-owned vehicles undergo rigorous inspections and repairs, so what you get is almost like new. Certified pre-owned vehicles also come with limited warranties and other perks.

Leasing a vehicle instead of buying is also a great way to go. Every few years, you can switch the car you are driving for another new model. This can let you start out with a smaller vehicle, and as your family grows, you can move into a larger vehicle.

Your Family Vehicle

Whether you are just starting your car search or have a good idea of what you want, the College Ford Lincoln team is here for you. Contact us today so we can help you get your family in a car everyone loves.

College Ford Lincoln