College Ford Lincoln

Lincoln is no stranger to luxury, and the Navigator is packed with powerful performance, luxurious features, and innovative safety technologies. Our sales team at College Lincoln on 1st Avenue South in Lethbridge wants to show you all the bells and whistles that keep Lincoln customers coming back year after year.


Don’t worry! Even though Lincoln engineered the Navigator with every imaginable luxury, we didn’t skimp on power. The Navigator is a powerhouse capable of producing 450 horsepower and 510lb-ft of torque. A 10-speed select-shift transmission allows the engine to operate in its favorite conditions, avoiding the highs and lows of having only a handful of gears.

Love the luxury but also need towing capability? No problem - the Navigator has you covered. With 8700 lbs of towing capability and an engine-adapting standard tow/haul mode, you can go where you want to go and do what you want to do - in style.


Our drivers expect luxury in all the details, and we deliver. With special features like these, we often wonder why anyone would ever leave the car!

The Lincoln Embrace

As you approach your Navigator with your key fob in your pocket, the Navigator recognizes your approach and extends a warm welcome by illuminating an area outside both driver and passenger doors and deploying the running boards.

Available Panoramic Vista Roof

Our available Panoramic Vista Roof allows scenic views for both front- and rear-seat passengers, opening the cabin to both sunshine and moonlight.

Power Fold Storage

We understand when you’re packing for a long vacation, a weekend camping trip, or even a holiday shopping extravaganza, you need as much cargo space as possible. We make the packing easy with cargo-area buttons that activate the PowerFold second and third-row seats to fold flat, giving you the most space possible so nothing is left behind.


Our drivers’ safety is our number-one priority. We have implemented advanced technologies and the most innovative safety strategies available in order to provide safety features unlike any other. The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 System includes the following safety features:

    • Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking

Pre-Collision Assist uses in-car technology to scan the road ahead and alert you to potential collisions with vehicles or pedestrians it detects in your path. If an object is detected, a warning flashes on the windshield and an alarm sounds. If you are alerted and take no action, the brakes are applied automatically. The brakes are only applied if you need them - not if you don’t.

    • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert

Active even when you’re not moving, radar systems on either side of your car detect when a car is present and in your blind spot. A light comes on in the corresponding side-view mirror to alert you to the vehicle you may not be able to see. *This system only detects motorized vehicles, not bikes, walkers, or other objects.*

Cross-Traffic Alert warns you a moving car is coming from either side when you’re backing up with three alerts: a light on the corresponding side-view mirror, a chime, and a message in the message sensor.

    • Auto High Beam Headlights

Offered as a standard feature, the auto beam headlights can sense poor lighting conditions and automatically turn on to increase visibility. It also senses when another vehicle is coming from the opposite direction and dims automatically.

    • Lane-Keeping System

This feature keeps you in your lane, especially in a moment of distraction, by constantly scanning your positioning within your lane and alerting you should you deviate from it.

Lincoln Drive Modes

Although Lethbridge drivers are accustomed to all kinds of weather, we know you will appreciate the Lincoln Drive Modes feature. Five drive modes come standard on the Navigator and allow you to select the appropriate mode based on driving conditions. A sixth mode, Slow Climb, is available with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package on 4x4 models.

Available Head-Up Display

Your eyes should always be on the road! To that end, Lincoln projects all your most important information like speed limit, current speed, time, and temperature directly onto your windshield.

Auto Hold

You’ll never slide backward at stop signs or steep inclines again. After coming to a complete stop, Navigator’s Auto Hold allows you to take your foot off the brake with confidence. When you engage the accelerator, Auto Hold will release the brakes.

If you are looking for luxury, look no further than Lincoln. We’ve cornered the market on excellence, and our team of sales professionals at College Lincoln in Lethbridge can’t wait to show you everything you’ve ever hoped for in an automobile. Come see for yourself!

College Ford Lincoln