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Ford Pro™ Intelligence

A Little Data Delivers Big Results

Keep your fleet running smoothly with Ford Pro Intelligence our always-on, cloud-based platform that powers a digital suite of telematics, charging and other software solutions. It combines data from your vehicles, data from your charging hardware and use, along with daily fleet activity, so you can access information from one source that only gets smarter.

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Telematics Essentials

Get real-time vehicle health alerts through engine diagnostic codes, recall information and more. Standard on all modem-equipped Ford vehicles.

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Get real-time GPS tracking and geofencing, driver behavior insights, fuel monitoring and a mobile app for drivers. Included with subscription on Ford and non-Ford vehicles.

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Enjoy all Ford ProTM Telematics features as well as real-time range and charge status, remote preconditioning and home-charging reimbursement.

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Ford Pro Data Services

Analyze vehicle modem data from your fleet through your own proprietary system or a Ford-authorized third-party provider without a plug-in device.

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Smarter Together

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Ford Pro™ Charging

Ford Pro offers solutions to help you optimize fleet uptime by monitoring each vehicle's charge status.

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Ford Pro™ Vehicles

Every new Ford vehicle comes with the hardware needed to take advantage of these software solutions.

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